Boxing Tips and Techniques From Jeff Mayweather

When you hear the name Mayweather, your first thought is probably not of former fighter and current trainer Jeff Mayweather. Unfortunately, Jeff’s accomplishments are often overshadowed by his nephew and brothers. Yet, while Jeff is not nearly as brash or outspoken as others in his family, his boxing knowledge is certainly world class. As a […]

Floyd Mayweather – Sticking To The Basics

In a recent video, Floyd Mayweather was seen chopping wood in preparation for his upcoming bout with Manny Pacquiao. Ever since Floyd shared that short clip to Instagram, my inbox has been flooded with questions about wood chopping and its relevance to boxing. Before I elaborate on the subject, you can first hear Floyd discuss […]

Boxing Endurance – The Mental Aspects

In my last entry, I stressed the importance of becoming a student of the sport. To emphasize that point, I posted a documentary of a young Mike Tyson. Within the video, Tyson demonstrates his boxing knowledge by analyzing several legendary fighters. The video doesn’t just highlight Tyson’s historical knowledge however. Within the first few minutes, […]