Naazim Richardson’s Advice For Boxing Trainers

As I have mentioned before, Naazim Richardson is an excellent boxing trainer who spits knowledge whenever he speaks. There’s a vibe to him that just tells you to listen when he talks. More often than not you’ll benefit by heeding his advice. Aspiring boxers can learn plenty by listening to his words. Fortunately, Naazim does […]

Win, Lose, or Draw – You Must Improve

Boxers train to win. You’ll never find a serious fighter who hopes to lose. Yet despite the obvious thirst to win, many of the best lessons come from losing. Boxers in particular tend to learn more from a loss than other athletes. Unlike traditional sports, boxing rarely involves frequent competition. It’s not like playing a […]

Boxing Endurance – The Mental Aspects

In my last entry, I stressed the importance of becoming a student of the sport. To emphasize that point, I posted a documentary of a young Mike Tyson. Within the video, Tyson demonstrates his boxing knowledge by analyzing several legendary fighters. The video doesn’t just highlight Tyson’s historical knowledge however. Within the first few minutes, […]