Homemade Speed Bag Platform

Homemade Speed Bag Platform

I recently posted a brief video to Instagram (see here) that showed me hitting a speed bag that was mounted inside of a power rack. In the time since, I’ve received several questions about the platform and how it was constructed. With that in mind, I will use this brief entry to summarize both how and why I opted to build such a platform. It is a very simple solution for those who have limited space in their gym.

Speed Bag Platform

In the video below, you can see the platform in action. You can see how it rests on the safety bars of the rack. It takes a matter of seconds to put the platform up. It’s also easily stored against the wall when not in use.

Origins and Instructions

Several years ago, I created the platform as a strength training tool. It was used solely for loading heavy odd objects such as sandbags.

Sandbag Loading Platform

Years later, I wanted to mount a speed bag in the gym but didn’t have any space on the wall for installation. That’s when I came up with the idea of adding a speed bag to the platform that I had already created for loading.

The platform was built from 2×4 inch wood. There are six pieces that were cut to the length of the rack. There are also short strips that run perpendicular on the bottom of the platform to keep it in place. One strip on each end rests just outside the safety bars of the rack (see below).

Speed Bag Platform

The speed bag swivel is mounted to a piece of 3/4 inch plywood. It measures two feet long and two feet wide. In the topmost picture of this entry, you can see how the plywood has been screwed into four strips of 2×4 inch wood.

The top of the platform consists of carpet. I stapled it on top many years ago. It was put in place to prevent wooden splinters from potentially tearing my sandbags. A carpeted top isn’t necessary if you are building a platform solely for the speed bag. I still find it useful however as I load a few 45 pound plates on top of the platform when I’m hitting the bag. The extra weight creates a more stable platform which results in a faster rebound. The carpet helps to prevent the plates from sliding as the platform shakes.

Additional Benefit

Another benefit of this platform is that it can be mounted to any height. All that you need to do is move the bars up or down on the rack. Some might not see this as a plus but it’s great if you have younger athletes. My own son began hitting the speed bag when he was only a few years old.

Speed bag for kids

With a traditional platform, he wouldn’t have been tall enough to hit the bag. With my homemade rack, I can set it a few feet high and he can practice on his own.

Final Thoughts

If you are like me and enjoy hitting the speed bag, a homemade platform might be ideal if you already own a power rack. The lumber cost will be minimal. All that you need to do is cut a few pieces of wood and sink a few screws. The end product is just as good as the more expensive commercial models that we use at the boxing gym. It’s always nice to have something that’s just as good for a fraction of the cost.

If you have any additional questions about the platform’s construction, feel free to comment below.



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