A Feel Good Boxing Story

If you are a fan of boxing, there is good chance that you recently saw a video of an amateur boxer attacking a referee after losing his bout. The incident quickly went viral after being featured by several media outlets. As a result, the sweet science received yet another black eye from the general public. People from all walks of life who wouldn’t know a fish hook from a left hook have come out of the woodwork to label boxing as a barbaric sport that is filled with barbaric participants.

Fortunately, those of us who are involved in the sport know better. Yes, the actions of the Croatian fighter were deplorable, but they do not reflect the sport as a whole. There will always be bad apples in any large group. That doesn’t mean we should allow a few bad apples to spoil the bunch.

Changing Lives for the Better

A perfect example of this concept can be seen in the video below. Take a look at how Detective Jack Mook has changed the lives of two young boxers from his gym.

It is this type of story that truly deserves widespread attention. It serves as a perfect counter punch to the bad news that recently came from Croatia. Jack Mook’s actions will forever change the lives of these two young boxers. If you need a hero to cheer on, look no further than Jack Mook.

Yet ironically, despite the positive vibe that comes from this story, most boxing people will not be overly surprised by it. Jack Mook is certainly a great man, but far from the first boxing coach to step up and change the lives of the young boxers around him. His generous and selfless actions are actually quite common in the sport.

Boxing Saved Me

Speaking from experience, the bonds that are formed through the sport of boxing are unlike anything else. I am forever grateful for the assistance that I received from my early trainers. I am not ashamed to admit that boxing dramatically changed my life. If I had never walked into the gym as a youngster, I have no idea where I would have ended up. I certainly was not headed in the right direction when I first opened the doors to the gym.

Now as a trainer, I believe that I am forever indebted to the sport. I am carrying the torch that my trainers previously used to show me the light. Now it is my turn and one day I will hopefully pass the torch on again so that it continues burning for generations to come.

Final Thoughts

In summary, hats off to Jack Mook for raising the bar and shining a positive light back on the wonderful sport of boxing. Jack’s dedication to the sport and his young fighters is nothing short of amazing. He is a true inspiration, both as a person and boxing trainer. We should all strive to follow his example.



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